Tree Management Service in Pittsburg & Concord, CA

The functions of trees in our living landscapes have an indefinite amount of value and purpose. For homeowners associations, apartment complexes, and shopping centers, the tree management service for hundreds or even thousands of trees is a task that is literally never-ending. Evergreen Tree Care can help provide more than just a quote on your tree project in Pittsburg & Concord, CA. Our Certified Arborists are equipped to survey your property to provide you with tree management service for all the trees on your property. Know which trees need to be pruned in the spring vs. the fall; which trees need spring aphid treatments around parking stalls; which trees should be removed because of potential failure around high target areas and many more. Without the right organized data these important decisions can fall by the way-side and the allocated budget may not have been used correctly for the priorities that exist. We collect the following data: Determine location, tree identification, tree#, tree species, DBH (Diameter at breast height), estimated height, potential hardscape issues, health, and condition. We work with each property we service using the data to meet their specific needs. The info we provide allows us to provide a recommendation of care and price. From there we work with your budget to prioritize action items and set yearly goals to not only manage your trees but help them thrive in your community in Pittsburg & Concord, CA!

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