Root Excavation in Pittsburg & Concord, CA

Time and time again we have seen newly developed areas that preserve large trees to be kept in beautiful new gardens and/or common areas decline because of soil compaction and overfill of dirt during construction. Even without new construction and development soil can build up around the base of your trees, covering the root flares. When build up occurs, problems with decay around the base of the tree often follow. These will be an overall stressor that may bring on a secondary response of susceptibility to pests and diseases. A build up of soil around the base of the tree can hide girdling roots that can be very damaging to trees and often lead to decline or death.

If your trees show no signs of flare when entering the ground you should make an appointment for a Certified Arborist to inspect the tree and find out if you need root excavation in Pittsburg & Concord, CA. Removing excess soil from the base of trees sounds like it may be easy, however it must be done carefully so as not to damage the root system. We use a specialized pneumatic air spade to remove the soil with the least amount of root damage. Pneumatic air is used to fracture and aerate heavy soils and allow better air and water circulation in the soil around the tree. Once the soil is removed from the base of the tree our Certified Arborist can get a clearer picture for assessing the overall health of the tree. Root excavation can also be used for trenching within root zones prior to development and construction for proposed trenches, placement of piers, post construction impaction, as well as incorporating soil mixes into beds within tree root zones.

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